Bowie 1976 2 Rotterdam Gijsbert Hanekroot
  • 13 mei 1976
  • David Bowie
  • Rotterdam Ahoy

David Bowie

Na een drumsolo van vijf minuten tijdens 'Panic in Detroit' introduceert David Bowie de band. “Good evening Rotterdam. I’d like firstly to introduce my band Raw Moon and I’ll introduce the personnel. On keyboards, the origi­nal Yes keyboard player – Tony Kaye. On guitar,co-writer with myself and John Lennon on Fame – Carlos Alomar". Tony Kaye speelt de eerste noten van 'Changes'. “On percussion Dennis Da­vis, on bass guitar George Murray and on guitar Stacy Heydon. Tony, Tony! Hold it a minute”. Tony stopt met spelen.

Uhm, how many of you here speak English? You’re very kind, because we’re very rude and we don’t speak your language but we do speak English

“I’d like to tell you that most of us in this band to­ night, are very ill! Haha, with bronchitis, but we wanna try and rock and roll as much as we can. And my name is David Bowie and this is a bronchial version of 'Changes'".


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