Pinkpop Eddie 1992
  • 08 jun 1992
  • Lou Reed
    The Cult
    Pearl Jam
    David Byrne
    Rowwen Heze
    PJ Harvey
    Buffalo Tom
    Hallo Venray


De sprong van Eddie Vedder - de meest epische stagedive ever. De Pearl Jam frontman klom op een bewegende camera arm die over het publiek vloog.

Someone sent me a postcard with the picture of me jumping from that little thing, and in the picture, there is the cameraman who looks at me like he wants to fuckin’ kill me, and I realize he has every right to do so.

Tijdens Pinkpop 2018 spreekt Vedder met de bewuste cameraman over het voorval en die bleek helemaal niet boos te zijn: “Here is the thing, he told me a completely different story than I had in my mind this whole time. I thought he was so angry at me, but he was having other guys hold that thing to hold the back, the ballast, otherwise when I jumped on and we just would have gone down. So he wasn’t yelling at me, but to other guys to hold us up”.



1992 06 08 David Byrne Pinkpop1

David Byrne

1992 06 08 Lou Reed Pinkpop1
1992 06 08 Lou Reed Pinkpop2

Lou Reed

1992 06 08 The Cult Pinkpop2
1992 06 08 The Cult Pinkpop5

The Cult

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