Dangsin Jasin – Yourself


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Dangsin Jasin - Yourself


Yes it is true, this the chance for yourself to be part of PITCH 2016.
We are offering you a dj spot at our Kaap stage at PITCH. Apply now!

At our KAAP stage, we’ll have one spot reserved for local undiscovered talent, and that might be you!
If you are a DJ, understand what PITCH stands for, and are willing to do a one hour set at PITCH festival, apply now!

Kaap is our open air dj stage in the park area, your refuge.
No change overs, no instruments, no soundchecks and no hassle.
Warm sunny beats and atmosphere all day and all night, in a continuous mix of disco, boogie, world music, funk, soul and hip hop brought to you by the finest selectors.

To give you an idea, last year Rahaan, Cinnaman, Radio Noet Noet, Elias Mazian were among the tastemakers of Kaap.

The winner gets Artist access to PITCH festival for the weekend, can bring 3 guests and will dj at PITCH 2016.

The 3 finalists will be selected by our PITCH booking team, Maurice, David and Hidde who will each pick their favorite. After that, it is up to your fans to help you get that spot!

Dangsin Jasin means “yourself” in Korean (at least, that’s what Google translate says)
If you want do a killer dj-set during PITCH16, send us your soundcloud mix, your youtube video, or whatever link you might have that represents what you would play at PITCH.
Check for more info on how to enter: https://www.facebook.com/DangsinJasin

*This is an offical dj contest by the PITCH organisation.

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