English - Corona Measures at our shows and special events

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Thank you for visiting one of our events! We would like to draw your attention to the applicable measures regarding testing for access. These measures are based on the most recent guidelines that have been issued by the central government. We kindly ask you to read this carefully in advance and comply to the measures for a smooth access to the venue.

Are you visiting a concert or event from abroad? Please read point 3 carefully because other rules for access may apply for visiting a concert or event from outside of The Netherlands.

We advise you to download the corona melder app before you go to a concert or event. You can do this here.

1. The coronavirus entry pass

For our events, visitors from the age of 13 need a coronavirus entry pass via www.testenvoortoegang.nl. You can create this coronavirus entry pass via the CoronaCheck app of coronacheck.nl with:

  • a negative test result of no more than 24 hours old from one of the Testen Voor Toegang Locations. At the moment this test is free
  • a vaccination certificate
  • a proof of recovery of no more than 6 months old

For more information about Testen voor toegang and making an appointment to get tested, go to: www.testenvoortoegang.nl.

Don't forget to bring a valid ID to the event! A bank card or copy/photo of your ID is not valid.

Coronavirus entry pass

In order to gain access to our events, in addition to an entrance ticket, you need a coronavirus entry pass via the CoronaCheck app or the paper version via www.coronacheck.nl/print. Please note, a printout of your test result is not valid as a corona ticket.

With the CoronaCheck app you convert your negative test result into a coronavirus entry pass with QR code that can be quickly scanned at the entrance. You can do this with the code that was received with your negative test result. You can also create a coronavirus entry pass after full vaccination and having a vaccination certificate in the Coronacheck app. Don't have a smartphone? Then you can make a coronavirus entry pass via www.coronacheck.nl/print that you can print.

You then have your QR code scanned at the entrance. The corona ticket is checked in combination with your ID. Is your QR code and ID valid? Then you can go in. Please note: you can only show a coronavirus entry pass via the CoronaCheck app for one visitor. Each visitor needs their own phone with the app or the printed coronavirus entry pass.

More information can be found via www.coronacheck.nl or contact the CoronaCheck Helpdesk via 0800-1421 or [email protected]. The helpdesk is available from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 20:00.

Please note:

  • We are not allowed to let you in without an official QR code, printed (coronacheck.nl/print) or on your phone. Paper vaccination certificates, the yellow booklet or other documentation are not valid as a coronavirus entry pass. We really need the QR code in the CoronaCheck app.
  • Bring a valid ID (driver's license, ID card or passport)! A bank card or a copy/photo of your ID on your phone is not valid.
  • If you have been vaccinated, make sure you have both vaccinations in the CoronaCheck App. You can do this using your DigiD. You also have to add your second vaccination in the app, this is not done automatically.
  • Before you go to the venue, check whether your Dutch QR code works on your phone.
  • Please note that your phone needs an internet connection to open the CoronaCheck App and generate the QR code.
  • Make sure your phone's time is set automatically. If you have an manually set time, it may not match the actual time, which may cause a red screen to appear when scanning your QR code.


2. What measures apply to events?

To prevent the risk of spreading the coronavirus, the following measures are currently in place:

  • We ask visitors to stay at home and get tested in case of symptoms of a cold such as a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, fever, sudden loss of smell or taste. This also applies if any of your roommates are sick; For more information, visit the website of the Central Government.
  • We follow the advice of the RIVM and the rules from the central government and ask our visitors to do the same. To make sure you are aware of the most current rules visit: www.rijksoverheid.nl/coronavirus;
  • MOJO has contributed to the “Protocol for organising events responsibly in times of COVID-19 – Event Venues”. We also work with this protocol that is written by the event industry. This can be found here.
  • We have all the needed contact details of the ticketholders to be able to contact them if needed.
  • In order to be able to comply with the rules of the national government, a health check is carried out (at the door). On this basis, access may be denied;
  • We always ask visitors to follow the instructions of the staff present;
  • For information about the cloakroom facilities or the use of lockers, check the website of the venue.

Please note: the standard bag policy still applies, which means that only bags with a maximum size of A4 and 10 cm thick are allowed. There is no storage facility to store your belongings;

  • The smoking area is closed. We advise you to take this into account before the concert, because it is not possible to go outside to smoke after entering;
  • It is only possible to pay contactless.

3. Visiting a show from abroad (EU)?

Residents from other countries inside of the European Union can get a corona pass in the form of a certificate from their own government. This can be done on paper, but also digitally if the local government offers this, for example via an app. You can find more info on your visit from abroad here.

As a visitor from abroad you can also schedule a test via testen voor toegang. Or if you are fully vaccinated show a green check mark with the DCC (the international/European app that is also used for travel).

Did you travel to the Netherlands with an European Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) from another country? You can use the same QR code to go to an event. This is usually if your DCC is based on a vaccination certificate or recovery certificate. Your QR-Code must meet the Dutch entry requirements: for example, that you are only considered fully vaccinated when the associated Dutch “waiting time” after the vaccination has passed. Otherwise, a red screen will appear at the entrance.

You can find a list of countries that work with DCC here

4. Visiting a show from abroad (non-EU)?

For visitors from a country that is not connected to the European system, a vaccination or recovery status is not recognized in the European system. This means that you must obtain a coronavirus entry pass by being tested in the Netherlands. The Netherlands still offers free tests, also for foreign visitors. You can make an appointment two weeks in advance on this website. The result is valid for 24 hours from the moment of testing. Multi-day events require a new result every 24 hours.

Is the CoronaCheck app not a suitable or desirable option? Then foreign visitors can also enter the code here for a paper proof.