Important information about the AC/DC show
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Timetable, ticket information and important traffic information

On June 5th 2023 it’s time for AC/DC's show in Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam and you're going to be there! We would like to inform you about the time schedules, door policy and important traffic information. Please read carefully and make sure you arrive at Johan Cruijff ArenA well-prepared.

For more information about house rules, facilities in and around the stadium and accessibility, check our FAQ's below.

Time schedule 

17:00h - Doors

19:00h - Support act | The Pretty Reckless

20:30h - AC/DC

23:00h - Expected end time

*Please note: The time schedule is subject to change. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates and news.


Due to multiple events in the ArenA area, heavy traffic is expected near the venue and on the roads in and around Amsterdam, both before and after the concert. We advise you to plan your journey to and from the event carefully, leave home well in time, and take into account the congestion and delays.

Official bags policy

Please note that you can't take large bags to the concert. Only bags with a max size of A4 paper and 10cm deep are allowed. Please leave larger bags at home or at your hotel. There is no cloakroom and there are no lockers available for big bags. 

Tickets for this event are mobile only

Please note that this concert uses mobile tickets only. This means that the ticket(s) are directly linked to your Ticketmaster account and that your ticket(s) can only be scanned from the Ticketmaster app or website.

If your account contains tickets for more people, you must enter the venue at the same time. At the entrance, we will scan all tickets from your phone at the same time. If entering together is not possible, you can only transfer the tickets within your Ticketmaster Account via the Ticketmaster app or website. Find out how to do this here. You cannot use screenshots and the ticket cannot be printed.

Important traffic information

We would like to inform you about the various possibilities.

Use your own transport

There is a limited number of parking tickets for the ArenA area available. Do not wait too long and book or plan your preferred option. All available options can be found below. There are several parking providers in the area, which can be booked in advance through various channels:

Public transport

The Johan Cruijff Arena is accessible by public transport. There are two train stations nearby the Johan Cruijff Arena: Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and Duivendrecht. Both stations are within walking distance. Use the NS Reisplanner for the most up-to-date travel information.

Go to


Slinger matches fans looking for a ride and fans with spare car seats. Sharing a ride with other visitors is fun, better for the climate and gives you an opportunity to share costs! Share or book your ride easily within two minutes. 

Go to Slinger

Kiss & Ride and taxi

Are you being brought and/or picked up? Please use car park P3 or P4. Here you can safely, quickly and easily drop off or pick someone up at an hourly rate. The taxi rank is located near car park P3.

Are you staying near the Johan Cruijff ArenA?

Johan Cruijff Arena is easy to reach by foot or by bike. You can park your (rental) bike on the forecourt of Woonmall Villa ArenA and at Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train station. The latter is a self-service parking facility, which can be used from 15 minutes before the first until 15 minutes after the last train.

Important info

House Rules and Policy | Bag Policy

For a smooth and safe experience at the concerts in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, we have a bag policy. You are welcome to bring a small bag with a maximum size of A4 and 10 cm thick. Larger bags and backpacks are not allowed in the stadium. Therefore, we recommend leaving these at home so you can enjoy the concert without any delays.

House Rules and Policy | Permitted Items

On you will find a handy overview of what you can and cannot bring inside. Unfortunately, we cannot store items that are not allowed, so it is wise to review this information beforehand and leave prohibited items at home. This helps ensure a smooth flow of entry.

House Rules and Policy | Bringing a Stool and/or Folding Chair

For your safety and that of others, it is not permitted to bring a stool or folding chair to the event.

House Rules and Policy | Bringing Medication

Visitors who rely on medication are allowed to bring the necessary medicines, including any accessories such as needles, into the stadium upon presenting a medication report. If you have any questions or need more information, Livecrowd is ready to assist you.

House Rules and Policy | Smoking

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is a smoke-free stadium, which means that smoking is prohibited throughout the entire stadium. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect this smoking ban and refrain from smoking inside the stadium.

House Rules and Policy | Recycling

Johan Cruijff ArenA aims to recycle trash. It's very easy: when throwing away your trash, you'll see several accompanying icons. Throw your trash in the correct bin: plastic cups go in the green bin, and all other trash goes in the gray bin. We'll do the rest!

In and Around the Stadium

The main areas in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, such as entrances, parking lots, locker locations, stations, etc., can be found via WizzyMaps 

In and around the stadium | Lockers, Storage Units, Cloakroom

Outside the Johan Cruijff ArenA, a limited number of lockers are available for storing items (for a fee):

There are no lockers or cloakroom facilities inside the stadium. We recommend leaving bags larger than A4 size and umbrellas at home, as they are not allowed inside the stadium.

In and around the stadium | Overnight Stay

We understand that you can hardly wait for the artist to take the stage, but overnight stays in public areas are not allowed. The police will monitor this and may take action against those who do not comply with this rule. You can start lining up at the entrances for the field and the ring from 12:00 PM on showday. Of course, you are also welcome later in the afternoon or early evening. Simply join the end of the line calmly and listen to the instructions of the security staff.

In and around the stadium | Entering Later

Even if the concert has already started, you can still enter the stadium with a valid ticket. This way, you won't miss a moment of the music. A small but important reminder: once you leave the stadium, re-entry is not possible. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to discuss them with the security staff at the entrances.

In and around the stadium | Payment Method

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is a cashless stadium. Inside the stadium, you can only pay with PIN (contactless), MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, AMEX, and VPay.

In and around the stadium | Food and Drinks in the ArenA

The Johan Cruijff ArenA offers a wide variety of food and drink options to cater to everyone's tastes.

  • Catering Club en Eetsalon Snacks: Perfect for classic stadium snacks like hamburgers, fries, and croquettes.
  • Mr. Long: Ideal if you're in the mood for something with an Asian twist, such as Vietnamese spring rolls, satay sandwiches, spicy chicken, gyoza, or a mixed bucket.
  • Kick's: Here you'll find freshly prepared sandwiches, ranging from pita to meatball sandwiches, for those who prefer fresh and filling options.
  • De Kiosk: Offers small snacks and sweets, perfect for a quick bite or something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Do you have special dietary needs or allergies? Each caterer provides allergen lists upon request so you know exactly what you can eat. For more information, visit the Johan Cruijff ArenA website.

In and around the stadium | Bringing Food and Drinks

It is important to know that bringing your own food and/or drinks is not allowed, except for a plastic water bottle without a cap of up to 0.5 liters. If you bring food or other drinks, you will be asked to dispose of them in the available waste bins at the stadium entrances. If you are in the mood for a treat, refer to the answer above, which lists the dining options within the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

We understand that some visitors have specific dietary needs for medical reasons. If you fall into this category, you are allowed to bring your own food or drink, provided you can show a medical certificate or a medication passport. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Livecrowd. 

In and around the stadium | Toilets

From every section in the stadium, the toilets are easy to reach and clearly marked, so you never have to search far. For our visitors who use accessible toilets, these are located in Wing A.

In and around the stadium | First Aid
There are first aid stations set up at various locations in the stadium. You can recognize them by the clear signage. Additionally, there are mobile first aid teams active both on the field and in the rings, ready to provide quick assistance when needed. If you need help, do not hesitate to speak to one of our stewards. They will be happy to assist you and guide you to the nearest first aid station or call a mobile team for you.
In and around the stadium | Official merchandise

Official merchandise is sold at various stands both inside and outside the gates of the ArenA. Inside, you can find the stalls both in the rings and at the back of the field.

In and around the stadium | Earplugs

Earplugs are available for purchase at the (Alpine) hearing protection sales points in the stadium.

In and around the stadium | Lost and found

Items found during the event are handed over to security personnel at the main entrance after the event. Within 36 hours, all found items are posted on this website:

In and around the stadium | Roof closed

During concerts in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, the roof is closed.

Accessibility | Viewing Platform
At all concerts in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, we ensure that special wheelchair-accessible places are available on the viewing platform. If you are attending as a wheelchair user and bringing a companion, this companion must also have a ticket for this platform. We offer special 'Wheelchair/Companion Places' tickets for this purpose.
For your safety and in line with our permit conditions, we have two specific locations in the ArenA for wheelchair users: the viewing platform on the ground floor and a specially designated area on level six. It is important to know that, due to fire safety regulations, it is not allowed to sit with a wheelchair in non-designated areas, even with a valid ticket for one of the floor sections.

If you already have a wheelchair and companion ticket, your place on the viewing platform is guaranteed, and you do not need to make any further requests. For visitors with a regular standing or seating ticket who wish to exchange it for a place on the viewing platform, a request can be submitted through Livecrowd. Please note that places are limited and will be allocated based on availability, which means not all requests can be accommodated.

For more information about the stadium's accessibility, visit the Johan Cruijff ArenA website. Accessible toilets are located in Wing A.

Accessibility | Escalators

The Johan Cruijff ArenA has escalators at various entrances: main entrance E, entrances A, C, G, J, and M.

Accessibility | Elevators

For our visitors who are wheelchair-bound and have tickets for the rings, we offer special access via Entrance H. Here you can use the elevator and will be guided to a place on the first ring on the south side of the stadium, allowing you to enjoy the concert comfortably.

If you have mobility issues and would also like to use the elevator, you can submit a request through Livecrowd.  

Please note that there are a few steps between the elevator and the sections.

Accessibility | Pumping

For mothers who need to pump milk during their visit the Johan Cruijff ArenA offers a comfortable solution at the first aid stations.

Please note that first aid or emergency cases always take priority in these areas. If the first aid station is full at that moment, the medical team is ready to work with you to find a suitable solution.

Got another question?

Got a question that's left unanswered? Please contact Livecrowd and they will respond swiftly. 

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